College of Engineering and Computer Studies

Student Life Overview

Engage in your community inside and outside the classroom.

The Computer Science Department of North Central Mindanao College encourages students to participate in the department activities and social events. If you study here, you will receive an education which lasts a lifetime. At the end of their time here, we want our graduates to feel confident and excited about their future.

Students' Orientation

Students' orientation is held at the first month of the school year where school rules and regulations and other school activities are few of the agenda. It is important that the students know the school policy to be followed and the happenings to be expected for their entire stay in NCMC.


CECS Acquaintance Party

The College of Engineering and Computer Science gathered the students from two different departments to celebrate the acquaintance party where they could be able to socialize, know each other and talk about stuff beyond academic subjects.


Computer Science Week

To further develop and apply their computing skills, the department holds a week-long celebration where the students are able to compete in different contests such as programming contest, logo making contest, PC assembly-disassembly, and networking.