Department of Criminology

Statement of Vision and Mission


The Criminology Department of North Central Mindanao College shall become the leading school of Criminology in the whole province of Lanao del Norte.


The Criminology Department shall provide competent and morally upright professionals who are knowledgeable in the field of Criminology profession. Further, it shall produce graduates who observe the noble ideals of police service in order to establish and maintain a peaceful, harmonious and progressive society for all.


In pursuance of the above-stated vision and mission, the Department implements an integrative and progressive approach of study to utilize lecture, discussion, demonstration, laboratory practice, simulation of individual learning and on-the-job training, toward the attainment of the following objectives:

1. To train the students in acquiring functional and applicable knowledge in the practice of their profession.

2. To equip the students with the right attitude towards their roles and responsibilities in the practice of their profession.

3. To provide police skills training to the students that will make them efficient in their jobs.

4. To encourage the students in research and analysis along Criminology and Criminal Justice.

5. To inculcate the application of love and service to people among the students.