College of Education

College of Education

The College of Education provides intensive training to aspiring teachers to mold them on becoming promising educators for the benefit of local and national educational stakeholders. Guided with the vision and aspirations of NCMC, CEd offers to develop pre-service teachers to operate with extensive knowledge, creativity, integrity, and hunger for personal and professional development in the delivery of lifelong and meaningful learning.

Statement of Vision and Mission


To produce highly knowledgeable and motivated teachers efficient in facilitating holistic and multi-disciplinary learning in the practice of the teaching profession


1. train student-teachers to utilize varied teaching methodologies suitable to the needs of thelearner and diversity;

2. produce graduates who think critically and creatively in the demonstration of content knowledge, communication of learning goals, application of ICT skills, and rootedness in the different contexts of education;

3. develop awareness in the opportunities that link the teaching-learning process to the wider school community and other stakeholders while exercising professional ethics, accountability, and transparency.


The College of Education aims to:

  • 1. train pre-service teachers by introducing them to the historical, social, theoretical, and legal foundations of education;
  • 2. prepare and implement appropriate study programs, including courses in technology, research, and internship;
  • 3. involve students in co-curricular and extra-curricular programs to ensure holistic development; and
  • 4. produce high-quality education graduates who are fully prepared and equipped for private and public employment.


The College of Education of North Central Mindanao College has successfully produced competent teachers who are serving the student population of Region X and other neighboring regions in both public and private schools.


Community Outreach Program

The College of Education extends its presence through outreach programs, directly benefiting the local community and its citizens.