College of Education

Student Life

Education Week

The students from the College of Education gather in an annual week-long celebration of talents, artistry, intelligence and camaraderie. This is to strengthen the bond among CED students and to tear down walls of indifference while promoting friendship and excellence. CED week is also the avenue to bring up and discuss current issues relative to the field of education, thus, raising awareness and ensuring that NCMC-CED students are abreast with the numerous updates in the field of teaching profession.

Student Internship

CED students exercise and hone their teaching skills by undergoing various teaching demonstration opportunities, even before enrolling in Student Internship. Student-teachers are trained in our elementary and secondary campuses, in addition to their in-class demonstrations, before being deployed to the public schools in the locality. This gives them an extensive experience that can be their springboard in developing their teaching skills.

CED Student Office

Through the years, CED has been raising student leaders who excel not only in the intra-department level but also in institution-wide affairs. Student officers in the College of Education exemplify, not only accountability but also excellence ---- proving that education students in NCMC stand out in handling extra-curricular responsibilities.

PAFTE Participation

Annually, CED participates in the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) conference in Region X. Participants for the said conference are the fourth-year students for the College of Education, who can directly benefit from the insights presented during the seminar as they are more exposed to the actual teaching locale.

Gearing Up for the Future (With Dr. Ervin M. Planas)

To be fully equipped in embarking on the journey of internship, CED prepared the students with the wise words and advice from the District Supervisor, Dr. Ervin Planas.

Student Assembly

CED students are gathered per semester to be officially oriented to all the policies of the school and the department. Assemblies are also held whenever there are concerns that need the consensus of the student body.

Inter-school Competitions and Activities

The College of Education is also active in joining interschool activities such as the Lala Inter-school Literary Competition spear-headed by the officials of Lala and IPAG Performance at MSU-IIT.

CED participation in institution-wide activitie

CED is an active participant in the various programs and activities done in NCMC, like Intramurals and Foundation Day Celebration. The College of Education always seeks to be part of something bigger than itself, excelling in academic and socio-ecological participation that significantly impacts society