The symbolism and meaning behind the NCMC Logo


The name of the school, North Central Mindanao College written on an orange ribbon that surrounds the torch, shows that the NCMC possesses rich resources for learning including the teachers and equipment under the stable leadership of its founder. The ribbon also signifies that the NCMC is always victorious in the pursuit of its mission.

The Laurel leaves in green signifies that the NCMC is always fresh, ready and happy to render the best service to its students. No more no less, the NCMC recognizes the talents of its students and is always ready to address these talents toward success. The small lamp represents the patience and sustainable ever-glowing inspiration of NCMC to serve because Education is a Mission.

The constellation refers to the world of orderly and professional participation of NCMC in the development of professionals through continuous enrichment of curriculum and quality-inducing strategies. The balls in the constellation represent the different courses which are always in the process of development and enrichment because education must adhere to technological, social, and cultural development. Yet, they never collide with each other because they have their own area of specialization and their movement is orderly and logical creating support to each other in the spirit of peace and harmony.

The Torch symbolizes the Divine Providence whose power reaches to all and to whom the NCMC wholeheartedly gives its unfaltering faith because He guides the destiny of man and nations.