North Central Mindanao College Job Fair 2023: A Success!

The North Central Mindanao College Job Fair 2023 was a huge success! The event was held on March 11, 2023, at the NCMC Gymnasium. The theme of the job fair was "Sa mga Hamon sa ating Pagbangon, Disenteng Trabaho ang ating Tugon" (In the face of challenges, decent work is our response).

The job fair was opened by Ms. Dominca Arnoco, RSW, the Guidance Counselor of NCMC. She welcomed the participants and gave a brief overview of the event.

The next speaker was Milagros M. Maceda, the Emcee/Instructor of NCMC. She acknowledged the participating job fair employers and gave a brief introduction of each company.

The School Director of NCMC, Myrna Y. Undag, then gave a message to the participants. She encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunity to find a job and to be prepared for the challenges of the job market.

Nerisa B. Velasco, the PESO Manager of Lala, Maranding, Lanao del Norte, then gave a presentation on the job fair house rules and reminders. She emphasized the importance of following these rules in order to have a smooth and orderly job fair.

The AVP then gave a presentation on the 10 don'ts to avoid illegal recruitment. This presentation was important for the participants to know so that they would not be scammed by unscrupulous recruiters.

The final speaker was Asnawi G. Maunting, the Senior Labor Market Employment Officer of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte. He gave a message and declared the job fair open.

The job fair was a success! There were many participants and many job vacancies were available. The participating companies were very impressed with the quality of the participants and many of them expressed interest in hiring them.

The North Central Mindanao College Job Fair 2023 was a great opportunity for students and graduates to find a job. It was also a great opportunity for employers to find qualified employees. The job fair was a success thanks to the hard work of the organizing committee and the participating companies.

The following companies and agencies participated in the job fair:

  • Alrose Group of Companies
  • Honda DES Inc.
  • Cuadro Ocho
  • Palawan Pawnshop
  • Banko de Oro (BDO)
  • PESO - Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte
  • HRO- Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte
  • North Central Mindanao College


The job fair was a great success and it helped to connect many job seekers with employers. The organizing committee is grateful to all of the participating companies and agencies for their support. They are also grateful to the students and graduates who attended the job fair. The organizing committee hopes to hold another job fair in the near future.

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