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25 Scholarship Beneficiaries at NCMC Receive Brand New Laptops!

Feb 02, 2024

North Central Mindanao College (NCMC), February 2, 2024 - In a momentous event held at the NCMC Conference Room, 25 certified beneficiaries of the Coconut Farmers and their Families Scholarship Program (CoScho) were delighted to receive brand new laptops. This initiative, made possible through the collaboration of the Commission on Higher Education Region 10 (CHED 10) and CoScho, aims to empower students in pursuing their education with the aid of modern technology.

The release of the laptops was marked by an insightful session led by the Vice President for Finance, and the Scholarship Coordinator, Jean Honee Altubar. Prior to the distribution, the dynamic duo allowed students to engage in a Q&A session, providing a platform for beneficiaries to address any queries or concerns.

The atmosphere in the conference room was one of excitement and gratitude. Students eagerly raised questions, seeking clarification on the use of the laptops and expressing their appreciation for the support received from CHED 10 and CoScho. VP Finance and Jean Honee Altubar, with patience and enthusiasm, responded to each inquiry, ensuring that the beneficiaries felt well-informed and confident about their new devices.

The recipients of the laptops couldn't contain their joy as they received the cutting-edge technology, a valuable asset to aid them in their academic journey. The laptops will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience for these dedicated students.

Expressing their gratitude, one of the beneficiaries shared, "We are truly thankful to CHED 10 and CoScho for this wonderful opportunity. The laptops will open new doors for us and make our education more accessible."

This initiative not only signifies the commitment of CHED 10 and CoScho to education but also highlights the importance of bridging the digital divide for students, ensuring they have the tools necessary for success in the modern world.

The event concluded with smiles and optimism, as the 26 beneficiaries left the NCMC Conference Room, laptops in hand, ready to embark on a technologically enriched educational journey. The collaboration between CHED 10 and CoScho continues to be a beacon of hope for aspiring scholars at NCMC.

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