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NCMC and Prince Hypermart Forge a Powerful Alliance: Building Pathways from Education to Employment

Feb 16, 2024

NCMC and Prince Hypermart Forge a Powerful Alliance: Building Pathways from Education to Employment

A pivotal moment unfolded at North Central Mindanao College (NCMC) as Sir Ritchebel R. Remedio, HR Generalist of Prince Hypermart-Kapatagan, embarked on a mission to strengthen ties with the academic community. This visit, far from routine, marked the beginning of a powerful collaboration, offering On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunities to students in both the College of Business Administration and the College of Accountancy.


More Than Just a Partnership

Sir Ritchebel, not merely a representative but an NCMC alumnus, adds a personal touch to this initiative. His role as Human Resource Generalist fuels his vision: to contribute to the development of aspiring professionals and give back to his alma mater. This personal connection fosters a deeper understanding and commitment to the program's success.

Nostalgia and Growth

The presence of Dean Ferdie Mendoza from the College of Business Administration adds a layer of nostalgia to the collaboration. Their shared history, dating back to Sir Ritchebel's student days, facilitates a meaningful discussion about the transformative journey of education within the institution. This nostalgic encounter underscores the continuous evolution of NCMC, ensuring its curriculum remains relevant and impactful.

Expanding Horizons

Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach, the involvement of Ma'am Salamiah Deriposun, Dean of the College of Accountancy, expands the scope of the collaboration. This inclusion ensures that OJT opportunities are available across disciplines, providing a comprehensive learning experience for students from both colleges. It demonstrates NCMC's commitment to fostering well-rounded professionals prepared for diverse career paths.


Strategic Vision

The strategic involvement of the Vice President for Finance signifies the emphasis placed on financial acumen and management within the OJT program. Their presence highlights the comprehensive nature of the collaboration, focusing not only on the academic aspects but also on the financial and strategic dimensions of real-world work experiences. This ensures students gain valuable insights into the financial realities of the business world.

Values in Action

Sir Ritchebel, throughout his life, has embodied the core values instilled by NCMC. His unwavering commitment to education, combined with the support of Deans Mendoza and Deriposun, aligns seamlessly with the institution's mission. The partnership with Prince Hypermart exemplifies the NCMC core values in action, promoting a holistic approach to education and professional development.

Bridging the Gap

NCMC's commitment to bridging the gap between education and employment is further emphasized through this collaborative effort. The involvement of Prince Hypermart, along with the Deans and the VP Finance, showcases a collective dedication to preparing students for the workforce. This partnership ensures students receive practical, industry-relevant education, equipping them to thrive in the ever-evolving job market.

A Collaborative Future

As the collaboration expands, the NCMC community extends heartfelt gratitude to Prince Hypermart for recognizing the potential within their student body. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between academia and industry, creating a pathway for students to excel in their professional journeys.

This collaborative effort, initiated by Sir Ritchebel R. Remedio and supported by the Deans and the VP Finance, signifies a landmark moment for both NCMC and Prince Hypermart-Kapatagan. This multi-faceted alliance not only offers valuable OJT opportunities but also reinforces NCMC's commitment to education leading to employment across diverse disciplines. The College of Business Administration and the College of Accountancy eagerly anticipate the positive impact of this partnership on their students' academic and professional growth.


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