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NCMC Elementary showcased their creativity and impressive skills during MAPEH FESTIVAL 2024

Apr 27, 2024

The horrendous weather did not hinder the Elementary school pupils of North Central Mindanao College Inc. as they showcased a vibrant tapestry of youthful creativity and impressive skill, where the school gymnasium transformed into a stage for the stars of tomorrow.
Picture this: a bustling crowd of parents, teachers, and peers, all gathered in anticipation as the spotlight glistened on an array of acts as diverse as the children themselves.
The talent showcase celebrated the individuality of each of the pupils, a testimony to the power of education to foster confidence and expression in the youngest members of our society – a reminder that within every child is a spark of potential waiting to be nurtured. Through dramatic monologues, solo musical acts, and group dance numbers, students learned the value of hard work, practice, and courage to stand up and perform in front of an audience.
Enthusiasm filled the air as the acts took the stage. Each child shone under the spotlight, meeting the performances with a big round of applause and deafening cheer.
A heartwarming scene witnessed by many, where every note sung off-key and every step taken out of time is celebrated, not critiqued. The talent showcase was not about perfection. It was about effort, growth, and the joy of sharing one's passion with others. It was a reminder that the arts are an important part of education, providing a platform for students to explore and express themselves.
As the final act took a bow and the crowd rose to its feet, there was a palpable sense of pride and accomplishment in the air. The event was more than just a display of talent. It was a cherished memory in the making, a story that these children will carry with them as they grow. The elementary school talent showcase was a snapshot of childhood—a celebration of the joy, the silliness, and the earnestness of being young and full of dreams. It was an event that encapsulated the spirit of learning, the importance of encouragement, and the boundless potential that lies within every child.
Feature Article written by: Ms. Lynnethe Baclayo
Photographed by: Ms. Alleah Jane Mendiola
Adviser: Mr. Kenneth S. Tumulak

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