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North Central Mindanao College Elementary Department: Learning Goes Beyond Books with Exciting Field Trips!

Feb 28, 2024

North Central Mindanao College Elementary Department is revolutionizing the way children learn beyond books! Recently, on February 28, 2024, our young students had the opportunity to embark on two journeys that transformed classroom lessons into real life experiences.

Exploring Fire Safety and Curiosity at the Local Fire Station 

Excitement filled the air as students, from our elementary department visited the fire station! This unique field trip, known as the "Beyond Book Adventure " sparked curiosity among our budding firefighters. They met heroes – firefighters who selflessly serve to protect our community.

These courageous individuals shared their wisdom. Taught fire safety skills that will stay with our students for years to come. The experience wasn't limited to discussions; students also had hands on encounters with a fire truck. Learned about the tools used by firefighters for safety.

A Glimpse into Law Enforcement at Kapatagan MPS Police Station 

Our young learners were treated to a visit to the Kapatagan MPS police station for another adventure! This immersive experience brought the world of law enforcement alive, for them. Interacting with police officers provided insights into their daily responsibilities and the equipment they rely on to safeguard our community.
The "Journey Beyond Books" not ignited curiosity and enthusiasm but also cultivated a respect, for the vital efforts of our police force.

These educational experiences were led by our dedicated elementary department teaching force, whose commitment to experiential learning is truly inspiring. The field trips sparked curiosity, excitement, and a valuable understanding of community safety in our young learners.

We applaud our amazing teachers and future firefighters and law enforcement champions!

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